We are two talented photographers that work together to bring PURE FOCUS to all weddings and events. We know how important it is to have every single detail captured on that special day! Together we will provide full coverage photography to assure no details are missed. 

We have been photographing weddings together for over 7 years. In January of 2016 we decided to partner up and create PURE FOCUS WEDDING & EVENT PHOTOGRAPHY.


~Thank you for visiting us,

Jess & Marcella



About Marcella:

I have always loved Photography. My family would always make fun of me because I would seriously document my life through photos. I would photograph everything from family vacations to our Christmas mornings as kids. In 2011 I was gifted my first professional camera and took off from there. I currently work as a full-time photographer by day and a full-time Critical Care Nurse by night. I am a Mother to two beautiful children, Marcello and Erykah, and a devoted wife of 18 years to my childhood love, Eddie!


So many people dislike having their pictures taken and I want your session to be fun and stress free. I promise you will laugh and have a great time. After your session with me you will walk away thinking, "Now that was actually fun and I would do it again"! Capturing your life's moments is so important because a photograph freezes time and it becomes a memory well cherished.


Over the last 8 years I have meet some amazing people through my photography business. My clients are the foundation of my success and I appreciate each an every person I meet through the end of my lens :) . It's a blessing for me to be able to capture the great moments in peoples lives wether it be a couple in love, a new mother with a bundle of joy in her arms, a father watching his baby girl walk down the aisle, a mother of three seeing herself in a new light, or a toddler fumble over his first few steps. Every moment in life has meaning and I thank you for allowing me to serve you and for the confidence you have placed in me to capture those precious memories.

<3 Marcella